The West Side Association has played an active part with the City of Oshkosh, Winnebago County and the State of Wisconsin to keep our membership and the public informed about upcoming street and highway projects that impact both businesses and residents. We regularly host update meetings on road construction projects, such as the Highway 21/41 Project, Highway 21 West Project, and the West Side Arterial Project, providing maps, signs and an opportunity to discuss project details with the principal planners.
In the past, the West Side Association has combined its efforts with the City of Oshkosh to improve Washburn and Koeller Street frontage roads, install new traffic signals, enhance highway beautification along Hwy 41, and provide new pedestrian walkways.
In recent years, the organization has donated funds to community projects that enhance our way of life including the Titan Stadium expansion, Pollock Community Water Park, and The Grand Opera House roof repair project.

As members of the Oshkosh business community, we are interested in many topics relating to employment law, pending legislation that affects business, international trade opportunities, New North initiatives, and Oshkosh Chamber activities. In addition to a monthly Oshkosh Chamber report, we often feature speakers on a wide variety of other business topics.

While West Side Association's primary focus is on that geographic area of the city, we realize that many things are happening in other parts of Oshkosh that deserve our attention and support. Junior Achievement, Oshkosh Holiday Parade and the Oshkosh Fine Arts Association Art Show are events we sponsor on an annual basis. In addition, West Side Association has made substantial financial donations to community projects such as the Pollock Community Aquatic Center, Titan Stadium, Fields of Honor Military Museum and the Grand Opera House.

The members of West Side Association either work for companies located on the west side of Oshkosh, or do business on the west side of Oshkosh. As the most dynamic and growing area of the community the west side of Oshkosh is a key topic of interest to our members. Our meetings often focus on development projects in that area, as well as state and local infrastructure plans that contribute to the commerce and economy of Oshkosh in general.

Many members of West Side Association are active on a number of boards and other organizations, increasing their awareness of and concern for a variety of political issues. Our association provides several opportunities each year to have direct communication with local and state political figures. However we do not endorse, nor are we affiliated with any political party.